July 19 2014, 5pm



Never seek permission to live a spooky life. It is your right, it is within your ability.

You are the cemetery gate keeper to the boneyard surrounding your heart.

Important. Truths. 

July 19 2014, 2am



yeah I speak Chinese

凵𠂆 𠂎丹丫

well fuck I’m chinese and I stared at this for about ten minutes before I got it

July 18 2014, 12am

THIS IS HALLOWEEN (like youve never heard) by || Times played:624,643

July 13 2014, 10pm

by || Times played:733,819

July 13 2014, 4pm


NEW noise canceling headphones that are so good at blocking out sound that they even prevent you from listening to your own music, forcing you to bask in the whispers of the forgotten gods until you begin to hear your own brain falling apart as it descends into madness

July 11 2014, 11am


i’ll be like 40 w/no kids and people will say “aw i’m so sorry for you” and i’ll be like how was the fucking wiggles reunion tour asshole i went to italy last week for fun and didn’t have to hire a sitter